Roberto "Sysa" Moiola was born in 1978 in Valtellina, where he still lives surrounded by his beloved Alps.

Professional freelance photographer since 2000, he founded and directs the Clickalps international photo agency with some partners, a point of reference in Italy for landscape photography, reportage and wildlife.

Passion for beauty, combined with the desire to discover nature and peoples of the world, led him from the beginning, to travel and tell about the different environments with images.

The several trips he spent every year allow him to regularly publish images in magazines and calendars all over the world, with more than 1000 publications per year. He works continuously for various magazines and tourist boards, also publishes 3 amazing mountain books. 
Among the most important publications stand out: Apple, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, Samsung, Sony, Jeep, CNN, BBC, Toyota. The agencies that represent it are: Robert Harding, AWL, Getty Images, Alamy, Clickalps, Age Fotostock and Huber.

He collaborates as Ambassador with companies such as Nisi, Ferrino, Rock Experience, Leo Foto, The Heat Company, Nortec, Endurax etc...for which he tests products and creates various advertising images.

With great spirit of adventure, he periodically organizes photography and post-production courses, photo days, workshops and photographic trips, both with Italians and foreigners, with the intent to transmit his knowledge to those who want to approach photography and perfect the technique.

One of his main strengths and key to success lies in the endless desire to look for new views, to turn his gaze to little-known locations to enhance them and to demonstrate that photography is a way of feeling, of orienting one's life driven by passion that stimulates creativity.

Roberto can also be defined a true traveler, passionate of arctic landscapes of Scandinavia, he organizes workshops every year in Norway and Finland but also in the rest of Europe.

From Faroe Islands unspoiled environments or the most remote places of Ethiopia to the most popular places, he has the ability to transform every trip into an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth.
With great spirit of adaptation he moves from tropical landscapes of Mauritius and Antigua to North Cape and Lapland, but the innate passion for its beloved mountains remains unchanged, he always come back there to capture the extraordinary situations offered by nature in every season.
Over the last years he also specializes in aerial photography with heli, and recently making fantastic images also using the drone.

Due to his passion for teaching he recently complete a project that he wished to implement for years: to transmit knowledge in a new interactive way with personalized training. He proudly founded the brand new born Sysa Acadamy: innovative online video photography courses, real meetings during which participants can interact widely with the teacher.

The deep passion for mountains and his commitment to environment is also documented by the books he has written over the years and still writes today.
In 2013 he published his first photographic book about the most beautiful lakes of Valtellina and Valchiavenna, the land where he still lives today.

Other books published over the years:
- "100 Laghi - Engadina Val Bregaglia Valposchiavo", in the beloved Swiss Alps.
- "Alpi Selvagge" which illustrates and pays homage to the Alps and its fauna.
- "Alpes", the new book  published in 2021 written with other photographers and various experts, a tribute to these cathedrals of the Earth, straddling France, Switzerland and Italy. The photographs highlight little-known places while revisiting world-famous peaks and regions.
The breathtaking images, accompanied by informative text on geology, climatology, vegetation, and geography, help the reader understand the special features, problems, and challenges of this wonderful but fragile environment. 

Roberto recently grasped the huge potential of NFT’s new digital market and decided to be part of it. 
NFT (short for non-fungible Token) is a digital certification that attests the originality and authenticity of a particular multimedia content that can't be exchanged with others. The value of the NFT derives from the guarantee of authenticity and its "scarcity".
Today all markets talk about the NFT revolution as a new gold rush.

He made his debut in the "digital renaissance", creating his first series "Entangled in Blue", a unique collection of 15 1/1 pieces on Sloika, a highly curated NFT photo platform.

Entangled in blue tells the story of the precarious balance of our planet. In Nature's natural cycle, the methane bubbles trapped in winter release into the atmosphere at the spring thaw, both representing life and threat. Dazzling bubbles under the ice are one of the most fascinating natural winter phenomena, he has never stopped researching.

Entangled in blue is an intimate autobiographical tale about his commitment to hostile environments, carried forward across 15 years of explorations of harsh, cold, winter landscapes, from the Alps to the Arctic.

Creativity is once again inspired by the passion for environmental issues, documented with his works.




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