The Hottest nights

Its funny how a cold night (-28 °C) could transform in a very hot one !


Last shot of the year is maybe the best one ?


Tires valley is a pearl in the heart of Dolomites. San Cipriano is the church of its last village and stand in a perfect position, looking towards Catinaccio-Rosengarten and Vajolet towers. I decided to try a "car trail" shot to revisit this iconic postcard view with my personal idea.

Aurora Peak

Mountains, allways mountains in my mind...

Carosello Stellare

A long exposure with car trails from Berninapass, Switzerland.


A beautiful night under a starry sky in the french alps.

The First One

One month of photography at Bernina Pass... for full article:

The Pulsing Heart

Polar nights fascinated me since the first time I experienced Scandinavian lands. During my last travel in Lappi i also was so lucky to watch for this pulsing aurora heart over my head. Only a couple of seconds that will lasts for all the rest of my life.

Green Movie

After chasing away the clouds the sky now looks like to be an infinite movie. Watching at the show, i never get tired of looking at what's happening up there.

Green Smoke

Aurora is not just something green appearing in the night. Aurora borealis is something more, something unique. So, i think its important to capture this phenomena with a unique composition. In this case my idea was to capture northern lights giving an idea of a green smoke coming out from the cabin.. is it?


It has been one of the most impressive aurora night I took part in my life. A KP7 spectacle in the sky that lasts almost 3 hours. Standing here with minus 25 degrees in Lappi has been an incredible emotion. Small trees looks like to be monumental on this 3D-landscape.


One of my first aurora in Troms. A great night to remember.

A One Night Trip

I studied this shot for a long time, only possible in this days next to the winter solstice. More shots for the foreground stacking and a some for the train trail. Taken at 7.15 AM at Berninapass, CH

Over the... fog

Last night in Lecco with a wonderful foggy situation above the city lights. 15 minutes exposure

Bubbles in the Night

Bernina Pass... last night...

various shots, focus stacking

Mont Blanc range

A shot from this summer expedition for Ferrino tents directly facing Mont Blanc, not far from Courmayeur. Another night to remember, a panoramic shot with Canon 5Ds for a final result of more than 100.000.000 pixels :D

Passo dello Stelvio

With this shot I started my project to photograph 10 alpine passes in the central Alps with cars lights as subject but allways with different backgrounds. This is Stelvio Pass in Valtellina and this is the easiest shot to make: milky way :D


A shooting for my "night partner" FERRINO! Very high performance on the Highlab tents this summer :D


It was a long time I desired to admire this incredible mountain of Nordland in Norway. I know, there is only one Matterhorn in the world, and Matterhorn has been used to give its name to a lot of mountains all over the world. But Stetind is different, unique, I hope none will never accost Stetind to "Cervino".
After 46 hours of drive, pictures, snow, water, ferries, without sleeping, i was there and i will remember that night forever, also without a green sky !


Looking for some unusual views over western Lofoten part, my attention focuses on a sharp mountain...

Secrets of the Stars

There is always a time when you can stop and choose not to go to sleep

Mystic Bøosen

A cloudy situation during a long winter night, Vareid. Norway.

A special night

Admiring a starry night in Norway.


Tromsø Fjord on a very cold night.

Ferrino Night

I thank my friends "models" Elena & Filippo for this romantic posing during the summer workshop in the valley of Zermatt. This shot is the first one taken as testimonial for Ferrino, really an honor to represent this Italian brand for its line of HighLab tents.

Lapland Dream

Preparing for the new season of northern lights, I try to get ready studying most beautiful situations I ever seen during my Arctic travels. This shot is from Svensby, a little-known dreamy landscape from Norwegian Lapland.
I wish everyone, at least one time in your life, to experience aurora borealis in front of a similar sky!

Mother Nature

Not so artistic this time... just want to show you the beauty of Mother Nature with a simple panorama of 4 shots at Stellisee, Zermatt.

The night of Matterhorn

In order to mark the 150th anniversary of the first two ascents of the Matterhorn, I show you my personal photographic scenery from Stellisee, in Zermatt. I waited blue hour, full moon and first of the five minutes illumination over the Whymper way up to the summit, to realize this keepsake photo!

Blooming Sky

There's no such a dark night able to hide itself.

Il tempo delle Cattedrali

I will remember forever the unique moments where you stand in silence outside from a mountain hut hearing to the sounds of the stars.
Dolomites, Villnoess.

Moonlight Alps

I am very fond of this shot I took not far from my second home,my beloved Madesimo, in the italian central Alps.
I appreciate the presence of the moon in winter photography, I consider it essential to achieve spectacular results. Consider this when going out in the mountains landscapes.

The Fox's Tail

According to a folk tale, an arctic fox is running far in the north and touching the mountains with its fur, so that sparks fly off into the sky as the northern lights. Gymsøyand, Lofoten Norway.

Borealis live Show

Looking to the aurora from the beach of Skagsanden, Lofoten. Norway. In the picture my friend photographer Kiss Zsolt.

150th Zermatt Matterhorn

I was in Zermatt last month, preparing a magazine issue on the celebration of the Matterhorn 150th year jubilee. The town is focussed to celebrate the first ascent of Whymper expedition in the summer of 1865. Each summer a large number of mountaineers try to climb the Matterhorn via the northeast Hörnli ridge, the most popular route to the summit, facing directly to the most famous mountain village of the Valais and the entire Swiss.

Alps Invasion

Lac de Cheserys startrail.

Love Outdoor

When I spent my night outside I normally try to take some unique photo to add to my portfolio. This shot come from a night in the Oberland Bernese Alps during a beautiful and cold starry night. It was not so simple to manage the lighting of the scene in an artificial way, especially because for light in the tent, and for filling on the subject, we need few seconds compared to 30 seconds that we have to dedicate to the Milky Way.
My friend was standing still for all the exposure, and I dedicated myself to the illumination of the scenery, running in front of him and pointing a correct light avoiding wrong direction or strength of the beam. After some attempts we finally reached our goal!

Alone in the Dark

I usually include people in my photos cause I want my shots to be as alive as possible. In this case I was photographing during a very dark night on a remote lake in the Haute Savoie french Alps (Reserve Naturelle des Aiguilles Rouges).
Its impossible to explain the emotions you feel in situation like this, so I included a friend in the picture, its useful to help me in my intent to convey what I would like to transmit with this image.
Panorama composed of 4 shots, 2 rows 2 colums.

Meteors On Matterhorn

A composed startrail shot of 200 images, taken on a full moon night at Stellisee, Zermatt Valais.

Facing Matterhorn

One of the best moment I love for shooting is twilight. Sometimes, with full moon, we can experience some unique condition just an hour before sunrise. The first light hit the highest peaks just when the last stars plays in the sky. If you are photographing from 3000 meters or above we can also be spectators of breathtaking arrays of colors in the sky!
Stellisee, with Matterhorn (Cervino) - Dent Blanche - Ober Gabelhorn.

Double Sky

The biggest emotion, when I found myself in front of this spectacle, was to admire the stars reflecting in the lake. The silence that reigned all around is something I will remember for a long time... maybe forever.
Lac de Chesery, workshop Clickalps summer 2014, France.

Dolomitic Startrail

Does it looks like a meteor shower or not?
I took this short startrail at Giau Pass, not far from Cortina d'Ampezzo, in the Dolomites. In the water we can see reflected Ursa Major (Grande Carro).
This luminosity is caused by the full moon behind me.

Misurina & Sorapiss

Is a full moon night in Misurina. I am travelling over the Cadore Dolomitic region, waiting for a sudden change of weather, as the forecast says.
After a few hours of patience, the photographer's waiting is rewarded, even more than in my expectations.

Stop E-Motion

Playing with "Light Painting" techinque at Giau Pass in Dolomites during a full moon night. At the end the electrocardiogram has gone flat!

Steel Landscape

I propose a variant of the "Steel Wool" technique. Of course, I could not resist to apply it to my environment, the mountains. I took this shot with the friends partecipating at the Engadine Clickalps Workshop 2014.


Lyngen Alps, in the northern part of Norway, not far from Tromsoe, is a great area for Northern Lights hunters!
During the day we can experience some activities on the snow and during the night is very probably to admire the unique phenomena of the Aurora Borealis... remember we are here in the "Oval"!

Tonight is the Night

Our tents during a summer expedition in Dolomites, Italy.
Do you feel the starry sky above our heads?
Good night Mr. Monte Pelmo !

A Night in the French Alps

I dreamed this shot for a long time. In the summer of 2012 I have achieved my goal during a night spent at the Lac de Cheserys, not far from Chamonix. From here the view on Mont Blanc range is very breathtaking, if you choose a moonless night you can also experience an enchanting milky way above your tent!


St.Moritz, Top of the World

I love St.Moritz and the Suisse alps. I love how its landscapes changes during the year, I love the extreme cold of the winter and the stunning views around mountains and lakes of Engadin.
Today I publish a recent shot taken in a remote village, now covered by the 2014 record snowfalls in the Alps.
Good night Switzerland.

Another World

A photographic story from one of the coldest nights of my life. 
After few hours passed in this show, I realized that I was going to lose sensitivity to three fingers of my right foot!

-25 °C

This is a shot from last winter, I was acclimatating to cold situations to be ready in time for my future trip to northern Europe and for the freezing temperatures of the arctic night (shooting all night to auroras).
In reality I never found in Norway all the feared cold... indeed of this night in my neighbor "Valmalenco" I especially remember the fact that I have regained my fingers after only 3 months. An Adventure NOT to repeat!


Dolomites Revelation

Changes in the weather are the most spectacular moments for a landscape photographer. Too often, however, we do not believe in interesting explosion of the weather and we desist to adventure at high altitudes risking the wind, cold or even lightning.
In this case, however, the silky veil of clouds, a sign of a change in weather, positive or negative, leaves me open-mouthed in front of a postcard in Dolomites composed of Cadini of Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen).

AWARDS: Photo published on

Echoes at Twilight

There is no Wi-Fi in the high mountains,but I think you will find a better connection.

The North Face

Alone with the stars and my tent, looking for "the north face" of the mountains!

If I Could Make a Wish

If you make a wish, it's because you see a star falling down,
if you see a star falling down, it's because you're looking at the sky,
if you're looking at the sky, it's because you still believe in something…
(Bob Marley)


The Charm of the Night

Lake Rosset: the last dim rays of the sun reverberate in the clouds as the night takes its place in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Piedmont, Italy.

Ursa Major (Grande Carro)

Among the groups of most visible and recognizable stars in the northern sky we can include the constellation of Ursa Major. The seven brightest stars in it form the asterism known in my nation as the "Grande Carro" (italian language). But the name changes and takes a lot of variations all over the world: for example is known as the Big Dipper in the United States and Canada, or as the Plough in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Three Leaps of Gazelle in the Arab culture... and so on. But whatever its the name there is always one thing that unites all cultures and resides in the mysteries of the Deep-sky objects, something that still fascinates us to face up when we admire the night sky.
In this photo I've adjusted the "star's effect" with the software Star Spikes Pro.

Lagrev Stars

This shot was taken during a cold winter night from the small village of Grevasalvas, one hour walk from the route to St.Moritz in Engadine. The sky was very clear and some clouds passed over the Lagrev peak just in time...

The Dance of the Spirits

I love landscape photography and I realize my favorite shots during the night.
So this time I decided to go to Norway, it's my dream. My fantasies are located in the Lyngen alps, near Tromso, where the auroral zone band passes through (70°N latitude).
The cold is perfect (almost -15°) and the charged particles coming from the solar wind are ready to reach the Earth, where, when meeting the atmosphere, it's possible to admire the dance of the sky: some greenish glow or sometimes a faint red that may change within seconds or glow unchanging for hours. The Dance of the Spirits starts!

The perfect Mountains

It's very difficult for me to make a ranking of the most beautiful mountains in the world, I can not find a correct review, it is almost impossible.
But I can certainly say that these mountains, Odle Group in the Dolomites of Trentino, have forms of unique beauty, almost perfect.
Every year thousands of people come to Funes Valley and remain enraptured face of these cathedrals of rock.

Milky Way on Mont Blanc

This shot was taken in the summer of 2012 during a trekking in the French Alps. This enchanting lake reflection of the Mont Blanc group is possible from one of the Lac des Chéserys, situated in the Haute Savoie Alps near Chamonix. I spent the night there with my tent... it was a great night!
Some photography tips:
- choose a night without moon, best for milky way
- use the correct exposition to avoid that the stars are moved, 15 seconds could be a good choice

Frozen World

Is a cold night in the Alps and the wind does not help me to resist in one of the most extreme moments that I lived in the mountains.
But one more time my passion for Nature, together with love for Photography, gives me the courage to continue and to pull out my icy fingers to embrace this incredible moment. This night is a dream to be here, I hope you'll find in my shot a little bit of the beauty that I find into the Alps with its most intimate moments.

Alone with the Moon

Tonight I'm alone with the moon in an immense landscape.
I admire the stars and I enjoy quietly the night show of nature. Only the wind and the cold are my enemies, but the excitement once again wins on them.
Good night my alps.

Heidi's Village

The clouds chase each other across the sky leaving a stardust to brush the cold night in Grevasalvas. I never thought I could meet a sky so picturesque in one of my pictures and shooting it in the mythical village of Heidi fills even more magic this Engadine shot.

Monviso Startrail

This is the result of a long exposure taked during a summer night from Lago Superiore, at the foot of Monviso. This peak is one of the most slended through the Alps, often visible and easily recognizable even from Milan.
The good result of this kind of shots is on finding the right mix of weather and moon phase, but this is just as important as the perfect harmony beetwen the right camera settings. You can't make a mistake on setting the right Aperture, Shutter Speed or ISO Film. Go and try tonight!

The Bright Landscape

2000mt slm, -20C°... waiting for the arrival of the moon on a cold night in January.
The choice of the composition is essential for the success of a shot.
Sometimes we may omit this important detail.
Go and search for the best point of view!

The Breath of the Night

Even the night has its deep breath
hidden in the dark
illuminated by the stars...
good night Monviso!

King of Stone & Stars

Night photography needs a proper study of the location and very important is the period of the month, depending on which photo we would like to shot.
Fundamental importance is done by presence or absence of the moon. Take care also of humidity and wind, they can be enemies against the equipment as much as cold temperatures.
In this shot I was in a lake (Superior Lake) at the foot of one of the most beautiful and slended mountains in the Alps: Monviso, the "King of Stone".

Soglio Stars

I admire, in silence, a starry sky of rare beauty. The clouds are the absolute protagonists with a really unusual color, maybe thanks to the influence of the first rays of light reaching the sky from the sunrise.
I wanted to sign such pleasant landscape with the presence of branches, framing the shot.

Lights in the Night

5,30 AM. I'm watching the winter sky with a shower of Geminids that accompanies the passing of the minutes waiting for the arrival of dawn.
Why not invent something using my head torch?

It's a Kind of Magic

Dolomiti, Italy: Cadini of Misurina pierce the clouds in a moonless night. In the distance Drei Zinnen (Tre Cime di Lavaredo) accompany the poetic song in a starry night of rare beauty: it's a kind of magic. My tent is waiting for me, good night!

4000's Above Clouds

6 o'clock: the weather is changing quickly and the first snow is coming!!! Some of the most famous 4000 meter peak in the Alps (Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn) emerge from the clouds from a summit in the Natural Park of Mont Avic, Valle d'Aosta, Italy.

Monviso Fluctuation

Night photography fascinates and impresses with its ability to reproduce peculiar and unknown situations to most visitors of the mountains. Photographers who want to capture the essence of the night should be able to mix the different components that can best enhance its charm and mystery at the same time: location, framing, absence of moisture, absence of the moon if the intent is to capture the Milky Way, proper use of the equipment available... and so on! After endless night images I wanted to try a different shot from the usual Milky Way that dives into the sky. I hope you'll like it.

Blue Rosset

The goal of producing an interesting shot in each of the major mountain ranges of the Alps continues with the Gran Paradiso. From extensive research we find that it is well framed by the area of the Colle Nivolet in Piedmont. We plan to venture there at the first good opportunity and this happens when different conditions overlap in mid-September 2012: complete absence of the moon, a fresh snowfall at high altitudes and a strong and cold wind coming from north. We have to brave the cold, which will be intense, but passion for the mountains goes far beyond any doubts and then we venture to this beautiful area dotted with lakes... a good luck will do the rest!

Moncenisio Dream

During the last years I approached astrophotography incorporated into the landscape. So I often travel through the Alps in search of nocturnal views that highlight the Milky Way. The best time of the month is when the moon is not present in the sky but in rare cases it is possible the opposite and this allows wonderful illumination of the panorama with a sky that enhances the spiral of our galaxy. I always like crispy and windy evenings like the one in this shot with my "Clickalps" friends at the French Moncenisio pass. Get ready for the cold!

Drei Zinnen with Milky Way

A clear Milky Way over Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen) in Dolomites Unesco. Picture taken inside a natural cave used as a frame for the shot!

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Good night trekker!

Lac de Cheserys, 17/08/2012. Torn between the desire to continue shooting and the tiredness of the day I prepare to enter into my tent with the Milky Way being my bedside light-du-jour.

Ultra STAR Trail du Mont Blanc

Lac de Cheserys, a summer night completely without moon. Mont Blanc is lit by the lights of Chamonix. Composed with Star Trail software.

Cloudy Night

Red clouds reveal the first holes in the sky after a storm. From the shores of the Azure Lake in the Spluga Valley, Italian Alps.